Check out this very special offer, just for you!
Imagine KNOWING Mr. Right Is NOW On His Way!
These Three Things Make You A Man-Magnet
(Watch below to find out what they are)
The Real Reason Women Don't Attract Mr. Right...
They Fail To Demonstrate One Of These Three Keys
Are you consistently...

Lacking confidence with yourself or around men you're attracted to?

Unsure how to read men, miss the red flags, keep attracting the wrong guy, or simply cannot figure out what men want?

Don't know how to wade through the beast that is modern dating to ensure the right guys are chasing you?

Imagine if, within 12 weeks, you could have...

Total self-confidence, even around the most attractive men.

Comprehensive knowledge of men, how to read them, and what they want, better than they know themselves.

Complete understanding of exactly what you need to do to meet Mr. Right in modern dating.

I work with clients all around the world, and it's my job to figure out which area of these three areas of success they are limited by, then give them the tools to build the life and love they want.

It's not your fault things haven't worked so far. If you're like most women who come to me, you've either struggled to know which area you need to work on and why, or know, but have no idea how to go about resolving it.

You end up wasting time focusing on strategies that don't work, then get frustrated at the process and put this area of your life into the 'too hard' basket, wasting another year.

Worse, the whole process is incredibly frustrating, which leaves you even further from your goal of a fulfilling relationship with Mr. Right.
Don't Waste More Time
I don't want you frustrated and getting further away from Mr. Right!
The man you thought was perfect turns out isn't interested. The guy things were going well with suddenly ghosts. Something happens in your personal life and working on yourself goes on the backburner.

You don't want to put aside more time, because you wasted last year doing that. Worse, every new experience reminds you of an old mistake, so the process becomes even more uncomfortable.

You want someone, but with each year that passes, you start to feel it's less and less likely...

You feel your hope slipping away.

I know this... because this was ME! I had no confidence in myself - especially around women I was attracted to. I knew nothing about women, which was a huge turn off to any women I was interested in. Even if I did, I had no idea what the 'rules' or 'guidelines' in modern dating were. As far as I was concerned, I was a lost cause.

Only once I addressed all three of these areas did I find incredible success beyond my wildest dreams, with the quality of partner I wanted to meet.


Now, I've truly found the happiness an amazing partner brings to my life - first hand.
That's why I want to help you radiate confidence, understand men and master modern dating - IMMEDIATELY!
(I know, if you do, that will be your life, too)
I figured out and simplified the three-step process I used to empower my own relationships...

I started teaching it four years ago to my one on one clients...

And now they're getting interest - and fulfilling relationships, with the highest quality men that other women can't!

I'm on a mission to help you in the same way!
I Was Lonely. I Wanted Someone To Share My Life With
I would rarely get interest from women. When I did, I had no confidence, knowledge of women or skills around dating, so they'd never see me as partner potential.
I remember trying to improve various things about myself. I went to the gym! I became a qualified veterinarian!! I showed that I wanted commitment and love with right woman!!!

None of it worked.

In fact, the one time I found out a beautiful woman was genuinely interested in me, after we spent time together, she texted me telling me we'd be 'better as friends'.

What she really meant was 'Mark, you don't have the confidence, knowledge of women or social intelligence around dating for me to want to date you.

Despite 'supposedly' having everything I was a woman would want, I had never been kissed, and was friend zoned by the only two woman who ever liked me back.

That was when I knew I was missing key piece(s) of the puzzle. I realised if I could could master my confidence, understand what women wanted, and learn how to date, I'd be able to connect with a high quality partner that was right for me.
Mark Rosenfeld
Growing up, I didn't know what confidence was, or what it looked like.

Worse, I was trying to 'date' and form a partnership with a woman, without having any real knowledge about them!

On top of all that, I had absolutely no idea about the practical 'hows' of modern dating.

It wasn't until I mastered my confidence, learned about women and understood how to date in the modern era that my romantic life radically changed.

After coaching men 2014, I transitioned to coaching women, and have discovered that the three elements I mastered in my own relationship life apply exactly to women to find fulfilling relationships in their own lives

I've since had the fortune of becoming Australia's most followed dating and relationship coach, with more than 30,000,000 views online and almost 250,000 subscribers.
As Seen On...
Imagine Having Your Choice Of The Best Men All Chasing YOU For Commitment
Let's be honest. Quality men these days are getting rarer, and most women know it. More and more women are after the small proportion of emotionally healthy, balanced, monogamy focused guys and you need a way to stand out.

Imagine meeting a great guy at a social event and knowing you have the confidence to stand out from the crowd. Unlike other women who are nervous and stunted around him, your confidence and playfulness flows like a stream. You head back with your friends and you notice he can't take his eyes off you.

You're so confident that you're not even phased if he asks for your number!! Then, just as you're about to leave, he comes over, stops you, and says "Hey. I had to ask for your number before you left. You intrigue me!"

Then imagine being so relaxed in this interaction because this happens to you all the time.

Him and two other great guys are all keen to take you out. You can feel how high value they are, and each one of them is pushing to get you to commit to them!

Thanks to The Empowerment Academy, this is exactly the reality you've created, and you know what you need to do next.

Because you've become an expert on men thanks to the Academy, you continue to see which of these great guys you feel most safe and comfortable with. You have conversations in his language, exchanging the commitment currencies he wants, and now, you have a partner. Not because you needed one - because you wanted one.

That special person to share experiences with now by your side, because you took the time to master the three secrets in The Empowerment Academy.

Imagine how good it would feel, having created all of this, without wasting any more of your time on the wrong guys.

Imagine how good it would feel, having created all of this, without wasting any more of your money on expensive matchmakers or first date outfits.

Imagine being able to create this outcome without having to be rejected by great guys ever again.
Imagine If The Secrets To Achieving This Were Waiting For You, Ready For You To Attract Mr. Right Now.
That's Why I created...
The Empowerment Academy
In it, you're going to get...
  •  The Foundation - Overnight Confidence: 9-Part Course Reveals the Three Secrets Of Overnight Confidence - The Result: Gets You Ready For Mr. Right... Right NOW!
  •  Secrets Of Men: 8-Part Course Reveals The Secrets Men Wish You Knew... But Won't Tell You! The Result: Relate To Men And Understand Them On A Level You Men Don't Know Themselves!
  •  Modern Dating Mastery: 8-Part Course Reveals The Cutting Edge Dating Philosophies That Allow The Modern, High-Value Woman To Find The One in 2019 The Result: You Know Exactly How To Handle The Modern Dating Minefield!
Here's What Included...
The Foundation - Overnight Confidence
- How To Be Ready And Confident For Mr. Right - Right Now!
Nine Comprehensive Modules With Home Study Tasks And Exercises Specifically Designed To Get Your Life And Confidence Ready for Mr. Right. This program includes...
  •  How To Create A Prime Goal That Gives You Incredible Clarity... And Allows You To Conquer Every Other Goal In Your Life!
  •  A Unique  Brainstorm Exercise Designed To Help You Unlock Your Potential
  •  My R.A.P.P. Formula For Goal Setting, Enabling You To Break Through To Success
  • The 10 Habits Of A Healthy And Attractive Mind
  •  Targeted Exercises Designed To Break Long Held, Disempowering Beliefs Holding You Back
  •  Seven Common Myths About Love That (If You Believe Them) Will Leave You Out In The Cold
  •  The Six Secrets Of Handling Your Breakup
  •  How To Empower Yourself Past Your Ex
  •  My Man Manifestation Exercise - The Best Way To Call In The Kind Of Guy You Want
  •  What To Do If He Gets Sexual, And How To Turn It Into A Real Date
  •  Your Support Network - How To Spot An Empower, And Nullify The Effects Of Those Who Would See You Fail
You can't attract Mr. Right until you're comfortable and confident within yourself. That is exactly what 'The Foundation - Overnight Confidence' Is Built For!
What Men Want
- Know More About Men Than They Know About Themselves
Eight Detailed Modules With All The Secrets Of Men They'll Never Confess To. This program includes...
  •  The Six Struggles Of Men In Dating And Relationships
  •  The Three Fears Guys Will Never Admit To (Which Control Most Of Their Behaviours!)
  •  What Men Really Want - The Four Secret Commitment Currencies That Guys Crave (Hint: It's not what you think!)
  •  My R.E.S.P.E.C.T. model revealing what men are subconsciously looking for in a woman.
  • The 10 Factors Of Attraction (Hint: Only One Is Physical)
  •  Red Flags - How To Spot The Big 5 Toxic Male Dating Personalities Instantly So You're Never Hurt By Them Again.
  •  The 10 Signs A Guy Is On The Rebound From His Ex
  •  The Separated Guy - Do's And Don'ts When He's Divorcing
  •  The Baggage Guy - How To Deal With His Divorce, Ex and Family
  •  Much, much more
If you want to relate to a man in a fulfilling romantic relationship - you must understand him - his fears, wants, mentality and how to speak his language. That is exactly what 'What Men Want' Is Built For!
Modern Dating Mastery
- The High Values Woman's Secrets Of Modern Dating Success
Eight Brand New Modules Revealing The "How To's" That Every Modern Woman Needs To Know About Modern Dating. This program includes...
  •  The Secrets Of A Stable Mindset - Managing Your Psychological Needs In Modern Dating
  •  Never Play Hard To Get Again... The Powerful Strategy For Modern Attraction
  •  The False Expectation That Sees Most Women Failing At Dating
  •  The Simple Action That Instantly Sets You Apart From Every Other Woman In His Mind
  •  The High Value Attitude That Consistently Makes Men Chase
  •  The Surprising, Backwards Thought Process That Makes Men Commit
  •  The Unusual Filtering System That Draws The Highest Caliber Men To You
  •  The Mindset That Ensures You Always Have His Respect
  •  How I Personally Ensure Every Client Succeeds In Dating
  •  Much, much more
Dating has changed dramatically over the past 20 years - let alone the past 100! If you're not up to date with the modern 'How-To's' you'll be left to reinvent the wheel, and have to waste time learning the hard way!
Here's what others had to say about
The Empowerment Academy...
"Mark, I love your Empowerment Academy! Since I began this journey with you, I finally realised what I want to do with my life! That's HUGE! I've been lost for so many years and I finally get it. That said, I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this.

I soon realised this course is so much more than a relationship course, but rather a guarantee towards self-improvement and mental clarity. Thank you so much for holding these Zoom sessions! I had no idea that we'd be talking with you one-on-one. Your guide has been extremely useful and I'm looking forward to future sessions! Keep up the great work! I've been telling everyone about this <3" - Lizzie, London
And, on this page only, you're going to get all these FREE exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!
Empowerment Life Scheduler!
Your Life - Empowered
If you've ever felt like you're not in the right place now to call in Mr. Right - you're not alone. Many clients come for coaching, wanting to meet a great man, but don't feel like they're life is in a place where they are ready for a relationship.

I created the Empowerment Academy Life Scheduler because I needed a way to keep my clients accountable for all the important things underlying an empowering relationship. Food, hydration, exercise, sleep, and a well organised, empowered day!
Three Step Healing - eBook
The Missing Piece In Letting Go Of The Past And Embracing Your Authentic Confidence
Have you ever had your confidence ruined by an unworthy man from the past?

Clients were coming for coaching with the same complaint - that hurtful memories from previous trauma or relationships were leaving them insecure and feeling unworthy in the present.

For a client to embrace her authentic confidence, I had to ensure she had completely let go of her past.

In Three Step Healing, you'll learn how, in as little as 30-minutes, I help clients let go of past hurt, so never again will a previous Mr. Wrong hold back your confidence around Mr. Right.
Your Forever Man - Audio
Your Forever Man - Liberating Your Feminine Through Inner Masculine
Imagine if you could be radiant, feminine and flowing around even the most attractive men.

In my audio 'Your Forever man - Liberating Your Feminine Through Inner Masculine' - I take you through a powerful meditation so you can do exactly that.

Never again will you find your femininity freezing up right when you need it most... around the most attractive men!
Deaf Monkey Dating - Audio
Deaf Monkey Dating - How To Love Your Journey To Love
For many women who come for coaching, dating has become a sour means to an end. They don't enjoy it, don't like it, and are excited to get away from dating as quickly as possible!

Yet, I know a secret.

If I can get them enjoying the process, I can guarantee they will meet Mr. Right!

It's that simple!

That's why, in my audio 'Deaf Monkey Dating - How To Love Your Journey To Love' I share the surprising hack that instantly allows you to turn your painful and frustrating journey towards love into a love of fun and laughter.
Classy Sexting - 7-Part Video Course
Classy Sexting - 7-Part Video Course Bonus
There's two things you and I know about men.

- Men love receiving sexts.
- Women who sext can be seen as tacky or cheap.

I want you to be able to benefit from the irresistible desire of sexting, without it being one bit tacky! That's why I created a full, 7-video bonus course, including two bonus eReports, where I break down the art of classy, erotic sexting using words, so you can have him obsessing over you non-stop.

(use wisely - this is extremely powerful)
Empowerment Academy Facebook Support Group
Full Facebook Support Group
Get around other inspired women who are on their journey to confidence, knowledge and love.

As part of the Empowerment Academy Facebook Group, not only will you get personalised advice from Mark and his MasterCoaches, you'll be held accountable for your action steps each week, support other women on their journey - and ultimately learn the truth - that you are your own best coach on the journey towards empowerment in life and love.
3 Hours Per Month LIVE with Mark!
Ask Mark Your Question One on One!
Every month, you'll have not one, but two opportunities to come on a live call with Mark, and ask him your questions one on one in a group format for up to 90 minutes per call!

Hear other women's questions or share your own in this uniquely valuable coaching environment as you apply everything from the Empowerment Academy with Mark personally as your guide.

(seriously - this bonus alone is worth the investment!)
Here's what others had to say about
The Empowerment Academy...
"I knew the Empowerment Academy was coming before it was announced. Knowing Mark as a coach, that decision was a no-brainer. Seriously, Mark is an amazing coach, I owe him a lot! - Manon, Montreal
I already love the academy!!! Money well spent. I love that you give helpful exercises. So excited  to grow as a person!! - Jewel, New York
With the The Empowerment Academy + 7 Bonuses, you'll be able to...
  •  Empower Your Life So You Feel Great Within Yourself
  •  Feeling 100% confident and worthy, ready for Mr. Right!
  •  Let Go Of Past Trauma And Anger So You Can Release Your Authentic Confidence Now
  •  Understand Men Better Than They Understand Themselves
  •  Know The Red Flags So Deeply That You Subconsciously Avoid Every Mr. Wrong
  •  Are Completely Up To Date With Modern Dating, So You Know Exactly What You Need To Do To Have Mr. Right Chasing You
  •  Stand Out From Other Women Whom You Might Previous Considered More Attractive Than You
  •  Know How To Communicate Your Needs And Standards To A Men In A Way That Makes Him Want To Comply
  •  Be Able To Enjoy Dating, So You Can Love The Journey To Love
  •  Ask Mark Your Questions One On One... Twice A Month!
  •  Join An Empowered Group Of Women On Their Way To (or already embracing) Romantic Love And Connection In Their Lives
This Offer Is Limited To 47
(most are Already gone)
Buy Now Or Lose It!
Total 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Seriously. If you don't think it's valuable, I'll refund your money and you can keep the guides.
Here's what others had to say about
Mark Rosenfeld...
“Mark is an excellent coach that goes well beyond just ‘love advice’. Mark’s targeted insight on human relationships, text interaction and how to obtain and how to give mutual respect was the key to smoothing over the problems I had with this person and I have successfully steered the relationship in the right direction now and its all thanks to Mark’s practical solutions and advice.
- Jo. New York
- Jo
"Knowing what this program can and has done for me, I would recommend Mark to any woman who is serious about wanting to discover your own potential and uncover your own inner strength so that you can truly shine from within.”
- Paula
“When I came to Mark I was in a very bad place. Now I feel confident about who I am and am not afraid to call someone out when they step on my boundary. I've met a great guy that I didn't expect to click with and things are going along great so far!"
- Annie
"Mark was the best thing that ever happened to me. Mark helped me to deal with my insecurities and keep me onto top of my goals without accepting my excuses. As a result... I have become a more focused and positive person.”
- Jesh
So which will you be?
The Woman Who Continues Her Same Results In Life And Love?
Or The Woman Brimming With Confidence, Knowledge And Love!
The Empowerment Academy includes all of my best content relating to having authentic confidence in yourself, incredible knowledge of men, and the communication and dating skills to make a great guy, yours.

Please realise the importance of this. Everything in your life right now is a result of the decisions and actions you've taken so far along the journey. If you want a different result, you must take a different action.

Don't look back years from now wishing you'd done it years ago. There is no risk. If for any reason this doesn't work for you, you can contact me personally and keep the bonuses.

I don't want you to waste more time. I really don't. If you pick up even one thing from the Empowerment Academy that shifts your confidence and knowledge onto the trajectory of future Mr. Right, I know this investment in yourself will have been more than worth it.

Come on board with the Empowerment Academy now and make your dreams a reality. If, for any reason you don't feel you got the value, I'll be happy to refund your investment, no questions asked.

If not me, hire someone else. Just make sure you invest in yourself. In the end, it's the only true investment that pays off.

- Mark xx
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
  •  Empowerment Academy Course #1 - The Foundation, Overnight Confidence ($997 Value)
  •  Empowerment Academy Course #2 - What Men Want ($997 Value)
  •  Empowerment Academy Course #3 - Modern Dating Mastery ($997 Value)
  •  EA Life Scheduler ($97 Value)
  •  Three Step Healing Book ($97 Value)
  •  Your Forever Man Audio ($97 Value)
  •  Deaf Monkey Dating Audio ($97 Value)
  •  Sexting Video Course ($147 Value)
  •  Facebook EA Support Group ($297 Value)
  •  One on One Group Coaching Calls With Mark Rosenfeld Personally ($397 Value every month!)
Total Value: $4220
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Much... Much Less than that!
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